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3.jpg  Our studio has two birthdays. The day on which our chief master Tatyana Alexeevna Onuchina baked her first spice-cake can be considered the beginning of our business. The second birthday is on the 10th of August, 2010. On that day, Yulia Popova (Onuchina) received a certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneur. After defending successfully her business plan at the Ministry of Economic Development of the Government of the Arkhangelsk region, she was given a grant for starting her own business. This money received allowed purchasing the necessary equipment, paying for the first few months of industrial premises rent, in short, to get started.

Today our studio is, perhaps, the only one in our town specializing in baking ‘kozulias’. For three years of work, we have managed to organize stable production of hand-made spice cakes, to agree upon delivery of our production to leading souvenir shops of our town, such as, “Russkiy Uzor” and “Pomorskiye Shtuchki”, to start cooperation with the supermarket “Na Okruzhnoi”. Our spice cakes are sold at the hotel “Pur Navolok”, as well as at the luxury chocolate department of the central department store. We successfully cooperate with the museum “Malyie Korely”. For several years, the museum has trusted us to make kozulias for New Year's programs. Most recently, we have managed to make friends with “Rospechat’”.

Especially important in our work are fairs and city festivals at which we are always happy to communicate with the citizens and guests of Arkhangelsk.

A separate matter in our spice cake business is master classes for students and tourists. Both children and adults enjoy listening to the stories about the history of kozulias, and then, with great interest painting their own cake.

As for the present day, for the convenience of customers, who used to visit us at our workshop (at Pavla Usova str., 12) we have opened a corporate department at the shopping center "Atrium". This store is located in the very center of Arkhangelsk. In addition, it has very convenient working hours: from 10.00 to 21.00 a week. The department is called “Spice Cake Fun”. To make it easy to find, it is necessary to enter the shop through the right front door and immediately turn right again. Opposite the counter with balls, you will see our department "Spice Cake Fun". WELCOME!